Priscilla, 1969 by Joseph Szabo

The burning of an iron market at Port-au-Prince, Haiti by Riccardo Venturi

Went to see the Power of Making at the V&A this weekend these are just a few of my favourites... 

Fendi's Baguette Needlepoint Stitch Kit - your very own DIY bag!

Woolfiller by Helen Klopper - Woolfiller repairs holes and hides stains in woollen jumpers, cardigans, jackets and carpets. This is an amazing invention I want some now!!  

Israeli Artist, Moriah Eder Plaksin makes her own Wedgewood inspired creations using coca cola bottles. Très très cool!! 

Amazing embroidered Vodou Banner by Myrlande Constant (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) Sequins and beads on fabric 2008.

Dalton M. Ghetti   As a challenge to himself and because of his interest in small living things, like plants (moss) and insects (spiders and ants), he decided to create the smallest possible carvings.

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 Photography by Pedro Abreu

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

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