My dad pushed drugs. I push vintage. Watcha want?! We got it!

I stumbled across Disciples of Vintage the other day whilst browsing the Asos Marketplace. I knew I'd found something special and that I had to share their looks with you all! Fresh garms, amazing styling, to the point descriptions and super jazzy photo-shoots what more could you want! Alden L. Jackson is the man behind this L.A based vintage brand. We caught up over a 40 in Compton ... this is what he had to say and here are a selection of my favourite images from his collection.  

N: Tell me a bit about yourself .. are you born and bred L.A? What music are you into? I'm a fan of Dam Funk! ...
A: My name is Alden and I am 24 years old. I worked in retail for several years and have an associates degree in Fashion Merchandising. I was actually born and raised in Compton. LOL. I have lived in Gardena which is wedged between Compton, Los Angeles and the South Bay (beach cities) since my teens.
  OMG! Music is over all over the place for me. It really depends on my mood. As much as I love fashion and stay abreast of that, music tends to just find me. Like when I first got into Azealia Banks I played her nonstop over and over and over. Literally. A Tribe Called Quest, Talking Heads, Bloc Party, M.I.A., Daft Punk, Yelle, CSS. I hadn’t listened to Dam Funk before you asked me but I like him. I like music that has been spliced, chopped, and fused together.

N: How did you get into the vintage game when was Disciples of Vintage born?
A: I have shopped for vintage since high school. It was always of course a dream to sell vintage in some capacity. Fast forward to a stint at Urban Outfitters which I thought would be super inspiring and it was for a while but then I was there 2 years and still sales… A friend I met working there was really into fashion on the same level as I am. Most people in L.A. simply want to look “in.” We like looking weird and pushing our limits and learning as much about the history of fashion as possible. It’s a different passion there. 2011 I opened to etsy. The product assortment was nothing unique. A few 80s cardigans, some plaid, basic vintage shop stuff. The shop had a sale once a month maybe. That made it hard to gauge if I was on to something. The following year I hit ASOS and immediately sales took off. The rest is history.

N: Do you only sell through asos or can we find you anywhere else?
A: I do appointment only selling through my workshop/garage. I also sell vintage for big guys under LeGrandGarcon on etsy. We would like to get some brick and mortar action going and hit the Rose Bowl or Fairfax Flea Markets. Baby steps. Baby steps.


N: What is your best ever vintage find...
A: Hmmmm…. I don’t know. The thing about vintage is just when you think you have found the most amazing thing something else comes along. One of the things that might not be the best but that I use all the time is my black leather backpack. I also love my long Egyptian print t shirt. It was a nightgown but I wear it as a t shirt. LOL. I also love my African print robe.



N: I really love your descriptions of each item - never boring! how did you come up with this magic formula? 
A: No magic involved. LOL. I just try to think of our interpretation of trends today as they were then. Music comes into play a lot. Would Boy George have worn this? Biggie Smalls? Granny grunge became a tag after Doc Martens came out with needlepoint floral shoes and I bought a jacket that had the same vibe.

N: Have you heard of Malicke Sidibe some of your shots and the stripey background remind me of his photographs? 
A: I have heard of him and found it amazing that you would compare our work. I always try to use African American or ethnic models because they are not really seen in commercial or vintage fashion photography.
The funniest thing about the stripes is that that is actually my bed sheet. I saw black and white was trending for Spring and then I came across black and white stripe jeans which I was like this will be perfect to combine the two. The effect was more Polly Maggoo when it first came about.


N: Your style really stands out on Asos! what are you inspired by?

A: Thank you! It is something I hope that I can constantly evolve. I love clothes and I love how they can help convey a personality. I always feel it is important to do this in a current way. We are inspired by the runway, by finds while shopping, by music, by movies, magazines. Most importantly we are inspired by our customer. Seeing what they respond to and trying to figure out what they what want next before they do.

Friday, 8 March 2013

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